Vets Club to seek exemption on portion of building

Albion Veterans Club will be applying for a property tax exemption for a portion of the Veterans Club building in Albion.
Members of local veterans’ organizations met with Boone County Commissioners and County Assessor Joyce Sock Monday morning to discuss a possible exemption for the club.
Although owned by charitable veterans’ organizations, veterans were told earlier this month the building did not meet the state requirement for tax exempt status because alcoholic beverages are served there more than 20 hours per week.
Veterans contend that only the bar area of the building should be assessed, because that is the only location where alcohol is present.
Sock suggested the club file an application for an exemption to reflect this policy. If approved, it could result in taxes being assessed on only one-third of the new building.
Details in the May 1 Albion News Print & Electronic Editions.

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