City Council, Development Corp. talk housing

New home under construction in Albion.Development of affordable or entry level housing is a serious need in Albion, according to members of the Albion Development Corp. (AEDC).
AEDC members addressed housing concerns with the Albion City Council during its monthly meeting last Tuesday, July 16.
Originally, the AEDC was planning to request funds from the city’s economic development reserve to help finance a project aimed at upgrading existing rental houses and removing some dilapidated houses in Albion. However, the property developer decided to seek financing from another source for this project.
AEDC members decided instead to use their time with the council for a discussion of possible ways to relieve the current housing shortage in Albion. They said this shortage is driving new local employees and families to live in other communities, or in some cases to turn down local jobs for lack of suitable housing.
Details in the July 24 Albion News Print & E-Editions.

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