Heavy rains cause damage in area

Portion of a center pivot that was washed away by flood waters in Greeley County. Photo courtesy of Dave Warner.While the tornado at Wayne, NE, last Friday grabbed headlines for the week, parts of Central Nebraska also dealt with some heavy weather from early October storms.
More than six inches of rain was recorded Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the Wolbach area of southeast Greeley County, and more than 10 inches was measured at some locations north and east of Wolbach.
Heavy flooding occurred along Spring Creek and Timber Creek in that area. Water levels reached six feet in Spring Creek during the peak flooding.
A center pivot was carried by flood waters about one-quarter of a mile from its original location on farm land owned by Dean Hamling, five miles north and three miles east of Wolbach. Most of the pivot came to rest on the county road, which was also washed away by the flood.

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