Motel plat, pool bonds gain approval

Concept drawing of the planned Cardinal Inn motel by Design Associates, Inc. of Lincoln.Albion City Council approved an administrative plat for the new Cardinal Inn motel and authorized bonds for the new city swimming pool during a busy session last Tuesday night, Oct. 8.
The council tabled amendments to the city’s comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance until the full council could be present for the meeting. The amendments would provide for future city street locations extending beyond the present city limits.
The administrative plat, recommended for approval by the Albion Planning Commission, was presented by owner Randall Christo and attorney Jeff Jarecki.
Christo plans to build the 24-unit motel and conference center on two tracts southeast of the Brewed Bean. The two tracts will be merged into one.
With approval of the plat, Christo said he expects excavation and concrete work to begin later this month on the motel project. No objections were raised at the public hearing.

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