Petersburg Press

Community Club discusses shelter for kids

Discussion was held at the Petersburg Community Club meeting Monday evening at the Legion Club about a shelter at Rae Valley Market for kids.
Clyde Stuhr asked if there would be a possibility for a shelter to be placed near Rae Valley Market for students who are dropped off there after school. He stated, β€œIt seems you are trying to promote west Petersburg. There is the new housing development and new businesses located there.” The shelter would make sure the students would be out of the elements. As families move into the new area and hopefully into the new duplex to be built, there may be more kids who need to cross the busy highway and need a shelter.”
Generally, members felt it was something to consider. As a community, it could be an asset. Hopefully, more kids will live in west Petersburg.
Details in the Feb. 5 Petersburg Press Print & E-Editions.