Voter reminder: Commissioner districts have changed

With the 2014 election campaign already underway, Boone County voters are reminded that the election boundaries for Boone County Commissioners were changed in 2011 to reflect population changes within the county.
The land area for District 3, the seat currently held by Ken Luettel, was expanded to include the Dublin/Bonanza precincts in the west central portion of the county. This land area was removed from District 1.
District 3 now includes the Village of Primrose, as well as the portion of Albion north of State Street, all of Petersburg, Loretto and Raeville.
Land area was reduced in District 2, the central district seat currently held by Jerry Tisthammer. That district now includes only the portion of Albion south of State Street along with Southwest Manchester and Southeast Manchester precincts.
Also smaller in land area is District 1, the south district seat currently held by Tom Schuele. The Dublin/Bonanza precincts were removed from District 1 and added to District 3, but the smaller Boone East and Boone West precincts were removed from District 2 and added to District 1.
District 1 still includes the City of St. Edward and Village of Cedar Rapids, but it no longer includes the Village of Primrose.
Five Republican candidates will be seeking the District 1 seat in the May 13 primary election.