Planning Board approves utilities plan for new housing area

Albion Planning Commission voted Monday night to recommend approval of a utilities plan for a 20-lot housing addition to the south portion of Albion.
The city council was expected to review the plan Tuesday night.
A plat of the 19.5-acre Anderson Subdivision, which includes 20 lots, was approved by the city in 1998. It contains three cul-de-sacs located south of South Street, connecting to an extension of South Eighth Street.
Andy Devine, city administrator, told the commission that owner Jerry Niewohner was planning to seek bids on the complete water and sewer installations by late July. Street paving, curb and gutter would be done in three phases, starting with extension of Eighth Street just beyond the first cul-de-sac intersection. Once those lots are developed, the paving would be extended to include the next cul-de-sac to the south.
Details in the July 9 Albion News Print and E-Editions.