Petersburg Press

‘Engine brakes’ discussion draws a crowd

Many Petersburg residents were present for a discussion of engine brakes at the September Petersburg Village Board meeting. Several residents voiced their opinions regarding the placement of “no engine brakes” signs and to discuss the possibility of an ordinance pertaining to that issue.
Chairman Thieman began by saying, “Personally, I’m in favor of it.”
Trustee Henn gave a list of people in favor of the ordinance to the other board members.
It was questioned if it was a truck brake or noise issue.
Deputy Mick Zabka had contacted the county attorney and he stated, “No one can disturb the peace, but we can’t cite a trucker if we don’t see him. So, if one comes through on a regular time, you would need to let us know. Otherwise, we can’t do anything.”
It was noted that Petersburg is the only town in the county without such an ordinance.
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