New airport zoning regs will restrict height of structures in approach zones

County airport zoning overlay map.In June of 2013, the Nebraska Legislature has approved LB 140, which was later signed into law by Gov. Dave Heineman.
Provisions of that bill were adopted recently by the Boone County Commissioners after recommendation from the County Planning Commission.
This law is aimed at keeping instrument approach paths free from new obstacles by expanding airport approach zones from three miles to 10 miles. It also revising outdated language in the state’s Airport Zoning Act.
In essence, Legislative Bill 140 prohibits construction of structures in approach zones higher than 150 feet within three miles of the end of the runway, up to a maximum height of 900 feet at 10 miles from the runway in designated zones.
Details in the Nov. 5 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print & E-Editions.