Many area children star in MCT ‘Rapunzel’ production here

Rapunzel (Maggie Cleveland) tries to reason with Madame Gothel (Abby Mousel).
Rapunzel (Maggie Cleveland) tries to reason with Madame Gothel (Abby Mousel).
A decidedly different version of the children’s fairy tale, “Rapunzel,” was presented to audiences at the Boone Central High School Gym last Satuday.
A total of 193 people attended the two performances.
The Missoula Children’s Theatre version changed the Rapunzel setting to France, and it incorporated characters from a number of other stories. Before the performance was over, narrator Frenchy (director Seth Hollen) had introduced the three Billy Goats Gruff, a Troll, some Ogres, Pixies, Gremlins, Wood Elves and more.
More than 30 area children were involved in the performance.
Rapunzel (Maggie Cleveland) was equipped with plenty of golden hair, which she had to keep in place while moving quickly from the tower to the main stage.
The Prince (Thomas Hosford) kept the audience in stitches because he was lost most of the time in his search for Rapunzel’s tower. The illusion of climbing the tower was accomplished with a three-windowed rotating tower, where eventually a stage level entrance appeared.
Adding to the mayhem were Rapunzel’s captor Madame Grothel (Abby Mousel) and her spies, a potato and ears of corn, and mushrooms in the garden, which tempted Rapunzel’s parents, Monique (Jamie Zwiener) and Maurice (Grace Baue), at the beginning of the play.
In the end, the fair Rapunzel was finally rescued from the tower, and all the characters learn the lesson of the day, to “try a little kindness.”
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