Grand Jury finds no crime in inmate death

A Grand Jury reported last week that no crime had been committed in the May 5 death of Boone County Jail inmate Kadence Q. Steele, 31 of Elgin.
The Grand Jury deliberated during the morning and afternoon of Monday, June 27, and heard testimony from five witnesses along with evidence exhibits.
The jury determined the cause of death to be suicide by hanging, and that “no violation of criminal laws . . . were committed by any person or persons prior to, during, or after the events of May 5 that resulted in” Steele’s death.
Steele had faced felony charges in both Boone and Antelope counties in connection with the April theft of a welder and other property from a swine nursery in Boone County near Spalding. He had been transported here by Antelope County officers on May 4, and was arraigned in Boone County Court on May 5.
Also charged with felonies in connection with the theft are Kipp Polston, 38, of rural Elgin, and Brandon Ashcroft, 27, of Elgin.