Improper disposal threatens tree dump

Albion’s tree and yard waste dump has been abused recently.
People have been dumping items other than tree limbs, branches, grass and other yard waste at the free dump behind city hall.
Mayor Jim Jarecki told the city council last Tuesday night that the problem of improper disposal has been recurring
And getting worse recently. If illegal dumping continues and the site is inspected by the state, it could result in a forced closing of the tree/yard waste dump.
It is unlawful to dispose of items such as hoiusehold garbage, tires, wire, used lumber, construction waste, nails, paint, stain, tree roots or other debris at the tree dump.
“People who bring these kinds of items to our tree dump ruin it for everyone who uses it correctly,” Mayor Jarecki said. “It not only creates a big clean-up job. It jeopardizes our NDEQ permit.”
The mayor urges Albion residents who see the dump being abused to report it to local law enforcement by calling 402-395-2144.
“If our permit gets rescinded due to non-compliance, the citizens of Albion will have to find another location to dispose of yard waste,” he said.