BCHC asks patients to choose primary providers

Starting Sept. 1, patients at the Boone County Health Center (BCHC) medical clinics will have the opportunity to confirm their primary care provider (PCP).
The PCP is the provider a patient would prefer to see at clinic visits, and also the doctor who will attend to their care during hospitalizations.
When a patient selects a PCP, it allows for optimal consistency in medical care, and it is also an important step in moving toward the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care at Boone County Health Center. This PCMH is intended to keep the patient at the center of the health system, allowing for better access to quality care.
“The relationship between a patient and their PCP is very special and unique,” said Lynette Kramer, M.D. “It should be mutual, in that both parties respect the opinion of each other. It is intended to be positive, and decision-making is meant to be shared . . . meaning a doctor or PA no longer dictates decisions about health care. We hope that patients will take a more active role in deciding what is best for them after all options have been discussed.”
Details in the Aug. 31 Albion News and Petersburg Press, Print and E-Editions.