Area crops good, but not record-setting

Area soybean fields are beginning to change color and dry down.
Area soybean fields are beginning to change color and dry down.
While crop conditions are mostly good in the Boone County area for early September, local crop scouts and farmers aren’t looking for record yields.
Even though rainfall seemed abundant, weather conditions weren’t ideal during the growing season. Hot and dry conditions affected corn pollination, and there were various insect and disease problems.
“I expect an average year at best,” said Scott Reinhart, agronomist with Country Partners Co-op. Crops are progressing well, and an early harvest is anticipated, he said. Soybean fields are beginning to change color, and some area producers have started cutting silage.
Corn has been impacted by poor pollination, green snap, western bean cutworm and “tip back,” where the ear fails to fill. These are common problems across the state’s eastern half.
In soybeans, there are late season bean leaf beetle infestations, along with some white mold and sudden death syndrome.
On Aug. 1, USDA forecast record corn and soybean production for Nebraska. Most area farmers and agronomists contacted by the Albion News said they do not foresee the record yields this year.