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Big crowd, plenty of activity at Punkin’ Chunkin’

Portion of the crowd attending Punkin' Chunkin' last Sunday.
Portion of the crowd attending Punkin’ Chunkin’ last Sunday.
Big crowds and plenty of activity again highlighted the Petersburg Punkin’ Chunkin’TM event east of town on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 30.
The 13th annual event opened with overcast skies, which gave way to sunshine after the first hour. Total attendance was estimated at more than 1,000 people representing nine states.
Six air cannons, a catapult and a trebuchet competed in both accuracy and distance again this year. Petersburg Community Club sponsored Punkin’ Chunkin’TM. Many volunteers helped out with individual events.
“Grandpa’s Gun,” the air cannon operated by Ralph Weeder and his grandsons, again won the top prize in the distance competition with a shot of 3,995 feet. The distance was short of their record 4,095 feet set last year.
They won the $500 top prize money and donated half of it back to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the designated charity for Punkin’ Chunkin’TM again this year.
Details and photos in the Nov. 2 Petersburg Press and Albion News, print and e-editions.
Air cannon shoots at the target during the accuracy competition.
Air cannon shoots at the target during the accuracy competition.