Rasmussen is official winner of commissioner post

web-11-9-alan-rasmussenOfficial Boone County election results were announced Friday morning, Nov. 11. Alan Rasmussen was winner of the District 2 Boone County Commissioner seat with 470 votes as a write-in candidate. Tom Fick received 462 votes in the close race.
The canvassing board was working throughout the day on Thursday, until 7 p.m., to verify the write-in vote totals in several races.
Boone County had an outstanding 78 percent voter turnout with 2,983 ballots cast. The county has a total of 3,816 voters.
The county voted solidly Republican in all races. Donald Trump received 2,299 votes or 79 percent of the total, while Hilary Clinton received 414 votes or 14.25 percent.
The county also voted two to one to keep the death penalty as the maximum penalty for first degree murder, with 1,872 votes to “repeal” the action of the legislature and 925 to retain the legislative action.
Albion’s Tom Briese, running unopposed for the District 41 seat in the Nebraska Legislature, received 2,518 votes in Boone County.
Ross Knott of Petersburg was also unopposed for the District 1 seat on the Loup Public Power District Board. He received 1,547 votes in the county.
Shirley Petsche of Petersburg was running unopposed for the District 1 seat on the Northeast Community College Board of Governors. She received 507 votes in Boone County.
In the race for University of Nebraska Board of Regents, District 6, Paul Kenney defeated Marsha Fangmeyer in Boone County, 1,302 to 677.
Third District Congressman Adrian Smith (2,437 votes) and Public Service Commissioner Rod Johnson (2,153 votes) were unopposed for reelection to their seats.
There were only two other contested races within Boone County.
Two candidates, Derek Nauenburg (214 votes) and Jim Plebanek (194 votes) were elected in the race for St. Edward City Council. Marvin Haas ran third with 93 votes.
Apparent winners of three seats on the Cedar Rapids Village Board were Michael Loeffler (126 votes), Cindy Geiser-Fousek (113 votes) and Brady R. Yosten (99 votes). Others in the race were Dennis Roan (93) and Jordan Mogensen (70).
Following are unofficial vote counts for other elective offices on Boone County ballots:
Boone Central School Board
Elect 3
Justin Frey                  1,505
Edmond D. Knott      1,386
Darren S. Wrigh       1,289
St. Edward School Board
Elect 3

David Roberts                     316
David Merrell                     258
Brent Werts (write-in)      147
Newman Grove School Board
Elect 3

Ryan Chilson                      40
Scott R. Lyon                      39
Thomas W. Haase             38
Elgin School Board
Elect 3

Steve Buisteed                    54
Douglas Jones                    49
Stanley Heithoff                36
Michael Braband              26
Albion City Council
Elect 2
Marcus Johnson             669
Albion Airport Authority
Elect 2

Sam A. McMillan             677
Bob Sandman                  623
Petersburg Vilage Board
Elect 2
Mitchell Koch                  172
Ashley Thieman              153
Primrose Village Board
Elect 2
Michael Pribnow             23
James Dresch                  22