City Council hears more opinions on zoning change

Albion City Council heard another round of testimony Nov. 8 on a request for zoning change on two lots near the Fifth and State Street intersection.
Half Moon Investments, LLC, owned by Jeff and Lindsey Jarecki, is seeking the zoning change, from R-2 residential to C-2 downtown commercial, in order to build a law office south of State Street and west of Fifth Street. A parking lot for Zion Lutheran Church currently occupies one of the two lots.
The council chambers were packed again on Tuesday night, as they had been Monday night during the Albion Planning Commission hearing on the same issue.
The proposed law office received more supporting testimony Tuesday night.
At the conclusion of the hearing, Andrew Devine, city administrator, submitted four written documents into the record.
The council tabled action on the zoning change. It will be considered again after a final hearing is held by the planning commission on Dec. 5.