‘Captain America’ walked the snow-covered streets of Albion

Captain America (Allen Mullens)
Captain America (Allen Mullens)
“Captain America” was in Albion for just a few hours last Friday on his way across Nebraska.
It was actually Allen Mullens, 34, of Dalton, GA, who has been trekking across America to raise money for veterans’ projects since 2009.
He wears the superhero costume to start conversations, and to bring awareness to issues facing American military personnel.
Although not a veteran himself, he said he has developed a keen awareness that the needs of America’s veterans are not being met. He calls attention to homeless veterans, and their need for better medical and mental health care. He especially wants to help veterans who need prosthetics, wheelchairs, or those with their homes in foreclosure.
“This is just my way to give back and do what I can to thank them for their service and sacrifice,” said Mullens.
His current project, he said, is to raise a total of $250,000 to finance a new post home, VFW Post 4127 and American Legion Post 48, at Warm Springs, Oregon. He’d also like to help build a skate park for the children in Warm Springs. This community is primarily Native American and located on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in central Oregon. The current post home was built as a garage/storage shed in the 1950s by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It was later converted to a veterans’ club.
Mullens said he tries to visit with veterans in every community he passes through, and he usually gets a warm welcome — especially in the smaller towns he encounters.
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