Record February lifts local sales tax receipts

Albion city sales tax receipts were higher in February 2017, totaling $56,369 and marking a record for any February on record.
The February total was up about $8,000, or 17 percent, from the February 2016 total of $48,362. The February total was also more than $1,900 higher than the January 2017 total.
The double digit increase was the first after three consecutive months of decline (November, December and January), and put receipts for the first seven months of the 2016-17 fiscal year ahead of last year’s pace by nine-tenths of one percent.
The previous fiscal year (2015-16) was a record year for city sales tax receipts, totaling $707,442.
Motor vehicle sales tax receipts were lower in February at $3,498, marking a two-month decline after the highest fiscal year total $5,828 in December 2016.
Allocation of city sales tax receipts for the first seven months of 2016-17 is as follows:
• Capital Improvements (.75 of one percent), $191,452;
• Street Fund (all motor vehicle sales tax), $29,710;
• Economic Development (.25 of one cent), $63,817;
• Pool Bond (.25 of one cent), $63,817;
• Fire Department (.15 of one cent), $38,290;
• Police Department (.05 of one cent), $12,763;
• City Hall (.025 of one cent), $6,382;
• Library (.025 of one cent), $6,382.