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Village Board discussed nuisance property, town clean-up

web, 4-12, Petersburg signClean up on nuisance properties was discussed at the Petersburg Village Board meeting on Tuesday, May 2.
Chairman Stokes and Village Superintendent Eric Petsche had recently toured one property located along Highway 14. There has been some mowing done, but one portion remains not mown because of metal objects.
Improvements made on the property included sealing the door and repairing the window. but several batteries remain, as well as the tractor.
Board members agreed he has cleaned some, but if it does not get mowed, the town will have to.
Trustee Tina Henn stated, “He (the renter) did have extra time. It needs to be cleaned up.”
All present agreed that there had been sufficient time allowed and to send a certified letter to both the owner and tenant. If it’s not cleaned up, the board will have to see that it’s cleaned up.
The board now can legally mow and assess charges.
There will be a town clean up on May 18-22. Some of the items can be cleared away then.
Tree Pile/White Goods
The tree pile remains a big issue. Filled trash bags are being put on that pile.
Residents are reminded that if there is a violation found, the tree pile can be closed which would make for a huge inconvenience for all residents.
The white goods area is also getting out of hand.
Initiation of an ordinance and fine was discussed.
Members agreed that would be a first step.
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