‘Cardinal Kids Club’ underway at Boone Central

Students build with Legos during 'Cardinal Kids Club' after school.
Students build with Legos during ‘Cardinal Kids Club’ after school.
“Cardinal Kids Club” last week opened the first week of after school care.
The program began on the first day of school and is currently serving 37 students in kindergarten through fifth grades.
The staff overseeing the program includes Program Director Mollie Morrow, Site Director Staci Sandman, and a group of CPR and First-Aid certified high school staff.
Establishing routines was the focus of the first week, but students were still able to become acquainted with all the activities on-hand at the program.
Each day, students receive a snack and have a designated time for homework completion, with assistance from the staff. After completing homework, students have a chance to play outdoors before coming inside to take part in various activities and programs. Legos, building materials, arts/crafts, and board games are available for students’ activities.
The second week of care, now underway, is allowing for students to take part in the first organized STEM program.
Sonya Glup, 4-H Extension educator, is heading up a STEM program during the month of September. She will be leading a kindergarten through second grade group in building and testing wind-powered boats. Students will learn about the influence of wind and then have the opportunity to use their engineering skills to invent and perfect a design that will travel the farthest distance when being blown by a fan.
Glup will also be leading a third through fifth grade group in wearable technology. Students will be using LED lights, copper wire and batteries to create a bow-tie and badge.
These programs are open to all students in the Cardinal Kids Club program and more hands-on opportunities will be planned in the weeks and months to come.
To find out more about the Cardinal Kids Club program, contact Mollie Morrow at