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Village board holds budget hearing

web, 4-5, Petersburg signPetersburg Village Board held their annual budget hearing on Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
Rick Martinsen, CPA, was present to discuss the budget and explained that the village was currently spending down the sales tax revenue using it for street repair, etc. Some other funds are getting low–especially water and sewer.
The board members agreed that the sewer issue will have to be addressed.
Members approved the budget following an hour for resident’s input. The final property tax asking was $55,610.60.
In other business, board members reviewed the Elgin golf cart ordinance and felt the language was well written and would cover the town if there was an accident.
To operate a golf cart in the village, the driver will be required to have a Class O operator’s license and will be permitted to drive only on streets with a speed limit of 35 miles an hour or less.
There also must be liability insurance with no night time driving.
Generally, the board felt it was nice for people to use them with a golf course in town. Clerk Stokes will have the ordinance prepared.
The village street ordinance was also addressed. The present one was written in 1971 and covers everything from parking, brakes to lights.
One concern has been parking by trucks.
The ordinance states no truck may be parked on a village street for more than 24 hours.
There was some discussion regarding possible parking problems by the downtown park due to firemen needing that space if there is a fire.
It could also be a problem for parents bringing children to the park.
Members felt parking would not be a concern.
This ordinance, when completed, will pertain to all motor vehicles including golf carts and side by sides.
The fine was increased to $50-$200 per violation.