Special Events

One-act play team will perform Saturday

web, 2-8, Boone Central CardinalBoone Central High School’s one-act play team will present a public performance of its play, “By Zeus! Olympus’ Got Talent!” this Saturday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. in the school’s performing arts gym.
This play is a spoof on the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent,” but it stars gods and goddesses from ancient Greek mythology. The audience is invited to join the cast and crew as the gods and goddesses compete to win the title of “most talented deity.”
Cast members include Scott Wright as Hermes, Trey Zoucha as Poseidon, Emma Potter as Hera, Seth Wright as Apollo, Stephanie Wright as Artemis, Richard Cleveland as Hades, Walker Stuhr as Zeus and Thalia, April Johnson as Demeter and Calliope, Ashley Mewhirter as Persephone, Julia Spann as Aphrodite and Terpsichore, Hailey Schademann as Hestia, Halie Andreasen as Athena and Clio, Katie Goodwater as Nike and Melpomene, Katie Hendrickson as Meg, Tricia Cleveland as Ares and Trish, Maggie Cleveland as Eris, Mariah Olson as Alec and Abby Mousel as Euterpe.