Loup Power plans small rate increase

Loup Power District announced plans last week for a small retail electric rate increase in 2017. Customers will see a change on their electric bills beginning in February.
The average monthly cost for residential customers will increase by 65 cents or five-tenths of one percent.
While the bills for most customers will increase slightly during the winter months, the average electricity cost will decrease during the summer for those with average energy usage.
These changes are based on the results of a retail cost of service and rate design study reviewed and approved by the Loup Power District Board of Directors at their Dec. 21 board meeting.
The board analyzed the purchased power costs from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), the district’s wholesale power supplier. Although NPPD’s overall costs to Loup did not change, the costs are shifting from the summer to the winter months. This initiated the need for a change in Loup’s winter and summer retail rates.
The increase for an average residential customer during the winter months equates to $2.58 per month, or two percent. The decrease for an average residential customer during the summer months equates to $3.23 per month, or 2.5 percent. Commercial and industrial customers will see similar changes.
“The district has reacted to changes in wholesale power and operational costs in the past by making changes to the retail rates,” said Chris Langemeier, chairman of Loup’s Rates Committee. “However, the district board has worked with management to keep retail rate changes minimal for 2018.”