City seeks well site on county property

Boone County Commissioners met with Andy Devine, Albion city administrator, on Monday, March 12, to discuss water and well testing to be done by the city on county-owned property.
The city is asking to explore a possible new well site on five acres, located on the former Kohtz property south of the fairgrounds, to develop a new city well.
Chuck Rolf, fair board representative, and a couple of county taxpayers were also present for the meeting.
Commissioners approved a motion to allow the city access to the property for testing. The commissioners asked for findings to be shared with the county.
In addition, the group also discussed the possibility of transferring ownership of specified lots in the fairgrounds to the City of Albion for the existing municipal well #3, the existing campground and a future campground expansion.
The city currently provides free water to the fairgrounds in exchange for having a well on the fairgrounds. Commissioners made it clear that they wish to “lock in” free water in exchange for any possible future land transfer.
Devine explained that the city will need to make revisions to the current proposal to better reflect the water situation. Then, hopefully, the parties will be able to reach a decision on what should be done.
Devine said it might be best to calculate the land value compared to the price of water per year.
City Attorney Darren Wright said that revisions in a proposed agreement could be made before the next commissioners meeting on March 19.

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