Planning board adopts five-acre minimum lot size

After a two-hour public hearing Monday night, March 26, the Boone County Planning Commission recommended only a few changes to its current A1 zoning regulations.
The board adopted a motion to recommend a minimum lot size of five acres for a single family dwelling in the primary ag zone. That is an increase from the previous three-acre requirement.
The motion included provisions for the shape of a residential lot split, requiring that the resulting lot have either three or four straight borders unless there is a natural occurring boundary such as a river.
A conditional use permit would be required for any A1 residential lot split of under 160 acres, according to the motion, while a dwelling on 160 acres or more would remain a permitted use. The motion passed on a 9-0 vote.
The previous 20-acre permitted use residential lot size was eliminated under the recommendation.
Maximum residential density in the A1 zone was recommended at five dwellings per section, which is a change from the previous density of no more than two dwellings per quarter section.

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