Construction progress made at Eye Physicians

REMODELING — Construction at Eye Physicians continues. Pictued above, to the left, will be where eye glasses frames are showcased. To the far end of the room will be part of the waiting area. LED lights are featured throughout the space.


CORK WALLPAPER — A cork wallpaper and chandelier, shown above, are just a couple of interior design touches added to Eye Physicians’ newly remodeled building.

Construction, which began on Dec. 26, continues to be underway for Eye Physicians.
Owner Alison Kuester said the initial layout plan has not changed through the process.
Cabinets and flooring are the final touches needed for the space.
“We’ve just outgrown this space and the whole point of this is to make it more functional,” Kuester said. “We have extremely loyal customers and we want to give them what they deserve.”
Kuester’s father and previous owner of Eye Physicians, Mark Palmer, has been extremely instrumental through the process, according to Kuester.
“He’s been so helpful through this because he knows how these systems work,” Kuester said. “My entire family has been very supportive.”
The space will feature LED lights, which is not only economically important but Kuester said the color perfect lighting will ensure customers are able to see exactly what they’re picking out for frames.
The building will also have a carpeted waiting room space to specifically accommodate young children.
Albion is very important to us,” Kuester said. “We feel it’s important to invest in the town and our clients.”
Kuester said the renovations are roughly six weeks from completion.