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Board weighs options on county road rebuild

Deliberations on County Road Project C-6 (394), a portion of a county road known as 145th Street west of Petersburg, took place Monday at the Boone County Commissioners meeting.
Commissioners met with Brian McDonald, engineer at JEO Consulting Group, to review potential options to improve the three miles from Petersburg west.
While McDonald presented four plans, he ultimately said the best option would be to mill one inch and install six-inch concrete overlay for the east portion, and then completely reconstruct the west portion with eight inch concrete pavement. The west side would be designed for 55 miles per hour, while the east side would remain at its current speed of about 45 to 50 miles per hour. The estimated price for the project was roughly $2.8 million.
McDonald noted that concrete’s life cycle is much longer than that of asphalt; therefore, it pays off in the end.
Complete reconstruction of both the east and west portions would be about $3.7 million.
McDonald did not include right of way purchase in his estimates. He said he cannot tell how much right of way is needed at this stage.

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