Deadline extended for Albion Downtown Revitalization project bids

City of Albion and the Downtown Revitalization Committee have decided that in order to help business owners complete their fa├žade improvement grant applications the final deadline for submissions will be moved back two weeks, to Friday, May 11.

After concerns from some local business owners, and with the goal of getting as many businesses to apply as possible, it was decided that the date be changed. Many businesses waiting for quotes from local contractors and sign companies, so delays on many project applications will likely extend past the originally scheduled deadline.

Applicants are welcome to submit their applications early if they have them completed, but review and approval will not take place until after the May 11 deadline. If this causes any issues for a business owner, they can contact Andrew Devine at the city hall, Jan Merrill at Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District or the staff of Boone County Development Agency.