Retired Albion teacher Henning still serves as ‘opener of doors’

Teacher Randall Henning visits with class member Fern Medlin during a recent book review session on the classic ‘Moby Dick.’

By Twylla Crosby
“Teach me.”
Those are said to be the two greatest words for advancing humanity.
And there are, at last count, 2,900 former seniors at Albion High School/Boone Central who were taught by Randall Henning during his 45-year teaching career there.
These days, many adults attend book reviews taught by Henning and offered by the Albion Area Arts Council.
“I came to Albion in the summer of 1966,” he said. “My first class was the class of ’67, and this past year they celebrated their 50th anniversary and invited some of their past teachers to join them. It was a milestone for me, too, as it was my first class.”
“Frankly, I never had a class I didn’t want to go to,” he said.
Henning is known for teaching any subject in depth, complete with artifacts, videos and supplemented information.
Gathering information on the subjects he teaches is something he enjoys, he said.
Henning’s early trips abroad were usually spent gathering materials and more information for his students. Later, as he has taken his nieces and nephews abroad, he has enjoyed seeing their reactions to places he had been to earlier.

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