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Boone Central students are on Close Up trip in Washington, DC

By Erika Ramos
Ten students from Boone Central High School are on a Close Up trip to Washington, DC, this week.
Each year, Boone Central juniors and seniors have the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC as apart of the Close Up organization.
This next week, nine juniors and one senior will be attending. The students are Patricia Cleveland, Katie Goodwater, Haley Greek, Ashley Mewhirter, Abby Mousel, Mariah Olson, Hailey Schademann, Zachary Reicks, Jett Stuhr, and Trey Zoucha.
Sponsors Cassie Olson and Dan Zoucha are traveling with the students and taking in the sites.
This is the third year that Boone Central students have had this opportunity.
Ms. Olson said the purpose of the trip is to give students a chance to see history in person and to experience the government in action. Mr. Zoucha said this is an excellent opportunity to expose kids to the nation’s government. Junior Zachary Reicks said he is excited to go and see the city for the first time and have the opportunity to meet other high school students from across the nation.
The Boone Central students departed Sunday, April 29, and will return Friday, May 4. Students from seven other states will be going on the Close Up trip at the same time.