Petersburg Press

Village board says ‘no golf carts on public right-of-ways’

At the Petersburg Village Board meeting held last Tuesday, May 1, the board discussed issues relating to golf carts/ATV’s. The golf cart issue has been addressed for several months and the board has been informed that listing ATV’s and golf carts on the same ordinance is a recipe for disaster. One is ag and the other is leisure. There really is no good way to fix the issue with an ordinance.
The village, in the past, has given their approval to the elderly and those with lessened mobility to use a cart on the streets.
Thieman stated that no children should ever be driving a cart. But, in the case that they are, the police can stop them.
Chairman Stokes added, “Our intent (as a village board) is for child safety and an ordinance will not change that. Therefore, I think we should drop it.”
Werner added that golf carts do not belong on the streets. Anyone with limited mobility should probably look at a scooter.
Tina Henn felt there will be people driving to the golf course on the streets who really want to get to the course.
The village will continue with the state statute of no carts on the public right-of-ways.