County officials talk budget preparation

On Monday, Boone County Commissioners met with elected officials to discuss the 2018-19 budget and a health insurance premium increase.
There has been an overall three percent premium increase for health insurance this year. Boone County pays the full premium for employees.
For employee only, the premium is $908.18, with a $1,500 deductible. An employee and spouse premium runs at $1,823.08. For employee family plans, it is $2,085.78.
A $15,000 life insurance policy is also included, as long as the employee is still actively employed or in office.
Elected officials discussed the salary schedule and whether or not to continue to utilize the schedule. Officials agreed it has been working well and would like to continue to use it. However, they would like arrangements to be made for certain situations.
Carryover vacation time was also debated at the meeting.
No decision on carryover vacation was made at the meeting Monday. However, a decision must be made soon, as any major changes to the handbook must be announced by July 1 in order to provide a six-month notice.

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