City Planning Board approves permit for Wolf Land, LLC to apply effluent

Albion Planning Commission voted Monday night to recommend approval for a conditional use permit to allow a change in the application method of feedlot effluent on farmland northeast of Albion.
The applicant, Wolf Land, LLC, is already allowed by conditional use permit to apply effluent from the Wagonhammer Feedlot through a gravity irrigation system on farmland parcels located south and west of the feedlot near 250th Street and 255th Avenue. The property is located in the transitional agriculture (TA) zone
Jay Wolf explained that the company wants to change to low pressure center pivot systems with drop nozzles to irrigate the same area.
Wolf explained that the pivot would pump only about one inch of lagoon effluent per year. The remainder of irrigation through the pivots would be from the groundwater source. Also, the pivot end guns would not be used when pumping effluent, and the pivot sprinklers would be about two feet above ground level.
“It will be more efficient, with less water use, less labor, and will produce a better crop,” he said. “The low pressure system will have less impact on the neighbors (than the current gravity system).”

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