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Petersburg Community Club discusses boulevard, downtown park beautification

The boulevard beautification project was discussed at the Petersburg Community Club’s Monday, June 4, 2018 meeting.
President Tina Stokes said some of the shrubs have died on the west end and need replacement. A work day will not be needed because there should not be much preparation work.
The zoning is complete for the fence on the south side of the downtown park and the materials should be here by Friday. If time allows, Chris Levander will help with installation.
Stokes has not pursued lighting in the park and asked for suggestions. Larry Temme stated a light could be attached to the pole already in the park. Cost for power would run approximately $8-$10 a month.
A possibility of decorative lighting was brought up at a previous meeting. Since the fence around the park will only go on the south, there will be approximately $1,000 left from the Big Give. That will not be enough to purchase decorative lighting.

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