Students design, plant garden beds at GSS

PLANTING — Cardinal Kids Club staff member Grace Slizoski assists student Ben Webster with planting.

It is said “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” That has certainly been the theme when it came to planning, building, and planting the raised garden beds that have been built at Good Samaritan Society. Good Samaritan, Boone Central FFA, and the Cardinal Kids Club have all played in integral role in ensuring that the project came to fruition.
During the month of May, some of the Boone Central FFA students, under the guidance of teacher Abby Hitchler, designed and built 10 raised garden beds. The beds are 6 feet by 2 feet and 24 inches deep. During the design process, the kids were forced to think about the individuals using the garden beds and building them in a way that the Good Samaritan residents could easily access them, in some cases by wheelchair. After plans were approved by Good Samaritan, the building process began. Students worked hard, often times outside of school hours, in order to complete the beds. Though difficult and time-consuming, Hitchler is proud of her student’s efforts, “The planning and building process for the raised garden beds has definitely been a learning experience for all involved. Students have had to make adjustments along the way to improve the design of the beds and make them more functional. They have put in a number of hours to get the beds constructed for use this year, with many of them learning new skills along the way. While it has been a time consuming process that has required some effort, it has also been a fun experience.”
Once construction was complete, the beds were placed at both the nursing home and assisted-living facility. The after-school Cardinal Kids Club Program Director Mollie Morrow prepared the beds for planting. Jarecki’s greenhouse helped with the soil, vegetables, and flowers that would go in the beds and offered guidance along the way. “Just the preparation of the beds has been a community process,” says Morrow. “The lumber for the beds, the materials to fill the bottoms, the designing process of what vegetables and flowers would go in the beds and the planting of the beds. It all took the contribution and efforts of many volunteers and people who offered their help and guidance along the way.”

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