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Petersburg Village Board passes dangerous dog ordinance; seeks representative for Emerging Leaders

Petersburg Village Board met Tuesday, June 5, 2018.
Dangerous Dog Ordinance
After several months of discussion, board members approved the dangerous dog ordinance adding language for determination of a breed in a mixed breed dog by a veterinarian. This may be done with a canine inspection or a photo, and will be the determining factor. The ordinance defines dangerous dogs and sets a penalty. Rules were suspended allowing for three readings of the Ordinance 2018-1 at the June meeting.

Young Entrepreneurs
Boone County Development Agency (BCDA) sent an update on the meetings they’ve scheduled with young emerging leaders between the ages of 25-35. Petersburg is still not represented.
Larry Temme said that the last meeting had approximately 50 people. He added, “It’s pretty important that Petersburg have representation. This is a place where young people can get together to brainstorm. It’s also a fun time with only a few meetings.”
This will be advertised in the newspaper and on social media in the hopes a representative can be found.

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