Newman Grove

Bike rodeo and safety check draws large crowd at Shell Creek Valley Days

Benjamin Rudloff on the “Rough Road” during the bike rodeo.

There were 55 kids, 20 helpers and many parents in attendance at the bike rodeo and safety check organized by the Newman Grove Library Foundation on Saturday, June 2 during Shell Creek Valley Days.
After the storm blew over Friday night, they created another one on the tennis courts running though the different obstacles with their bikes and friends. The rough road, ramp and newspaper toss being the favorites.
Each child’s bike was inspected for loose chains, wheels and seats, tires where aired up and everyone received fireflies, lights that go on the valve stem of the tires and light up when in motion.
Education was given on wearing a bike helmet correctly and how to use hand signal when riding on the street and or road. Many gave the “Wheel of Knowledge” a spin and the blender bike was in constant motion. Sarah Polacek and the Madison County Extension Office brought the blender bike so everyone could enjoy delicious smoothies.
The kids signed up for the prize drawing and had cookies and juice. “We had many volunteers and it wouldn’t have happened without them,” said Kathy Strong Library Director. “I have wanted to do this for some time and what a fun way to teach the kids about being safe on their bikes, scooters and rollerblades. Keep an eye out for the little ones on the road.”
Area donations were received.
Winners were: Bikes — Cole Lyons, Carson Hepner, Hannah Sarniak. Helmets — Finn Kaufman, Taryn King, Pierce Fehringer, Clara Mostek, Malachi Sarniak, Kynlea Kleveland, James Rudloff, Lucy Kaufman, Brayden Mostek, Owen Kaufman; Rollerblades — Oliver Kaufman; Heeles — Benjamin Rudloff and Emily Fehringer; Bike Locks — Franklin Polacek and Ian Salinas; Bike Lights — Payton Fehringer and Rachel Rudloff.