Newman Grove

Newman Grove Public School plans for upcoming construction

MASTER PLAN — Newman Grove school facility master plan is outlined above. It is still subject to some planning revisions. Shaded areas will be new construction and remodel.

Since the passing of the $9.5 million bond issue for school improvements, Newman Grove Schools has begun designing plans for the upcoming construction to take place over the course of the next couple of years.
The goal date of completion is fall of 2020.
Mikal Shalikow, superintendent, said the initial drawings will change with design ideas.
One of the school’s biggest concerns was trying to ensure students would no longer have to cross Highway 45 to get to school each day.
Recently, a house south of the high school was purchased and moved to another part of town to make way for a new playground.
Where the current playground rests, a new agriculture education facility will be built.
Shalikow predicts phase one of the project will start in September, and phase two will start next summer.
Shalikow said it’s important to involve the community as much as possible during the planning process. If any community members have any ideas or would like to stop and talk to Shalikow, he would be glad to hear ideas.

The house that was moved on Tuesday to make room for school construction.