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Petersburg Community Club meets July 2

Petersburg Community Club met July 2, 2018 and discussed tent rental.
Tent/Stage Rental
The club owns three tents which can be rented. However, if all three tents were used at the same time, 12 additional poles will be needed. Aluminum poles cost $79 each and galvanized poles are $29.
The anchors are stake type which pull out if the ground is wet.
The style suggested would be screwed into the ground and are 30 inches long. Cost is $236 to purchase 10 stakes.
Members voted to purchase extra poles and stakes.
Treasurer Radene Temme has compiled a contract for anyone renting the tents to sign. The tents represent a large investment. A fifty percent deposit must be placed on any of the tents.
They have already been rented out several times.
Members felt there may need to be a separate committee organized to rent the tents. It may not be possible to have enough members to set up the tents and renters may need to have their own set-up crew.
The club stage is also available for rent.
Storage at a central location remains a problem for club property.
Carnival Days
Jill Petsche, carnival committee member, said the carnival days went well. The committee expects to have some new races next year. Possibly more for the older kids.
Ticket sales were a little short of $10,000, but better than last year. The community club always makes up the difference in that amount.
Eight teams participated in the kid’s water fights.
Great Plains State Bank provided the barbecue which is also open to the carnival workers. Setting an earlier serving time for the meal was suggested. That could be a concern since the bank workers who serve the barbecue don’t get off work until 5 p.m.
Alan Thorberg said he has a signed contract for 2019. Next year’s Petersburg Carnival Days will be June 25 and 26. He added that Dennis Lynch said, “I have never been in one town for this many years.”

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