Petersburg Press

Potholes near Rae Valley Market to be filled by state road department

Petersburg Village Board met Thursday, July 12, 2018.
Village maintenance superintendent Nick Prothman stated the state is planning to fill in the potholes on 145th Street by Rae Valley Market. The potholes are the responsibility of the county, but the state occasionally will help out.
President Corey Stokes received a legal agreement noting that the county has a responsibility up to the white line. This document has been approved by the state.
Due to the absence of the village engineer, the opening of the Ninth Street box culvert bids and the engineer’s findings on the Sixth Street intersection was not addressed. No bids were opened on the Ninth Street and Lincoln Street water improvement project #488.013.
The grant for the new generator in the fire hall was denied. A reason not given.
The sheriff’s department reported 77 1/2 hours of area patrol time. It was a fairly quiet month.
There was a report of a lost range finder which cost approximately $8,500. The Air Force lost it while doing ground exercises in Petersburg. It has not been located.
Members noted that all of 145th Street is in very bad condition. Members will consider attending a Boone County Commissioner meeting and being placed on the agenda.
Prior to the meeting, the board had a walk through at the sewer plant. Members saw a need to install decking and railings at the plant for safety concerns.

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