Newman Grove

Betz’s Little Shoppe takes part in summer ‘Row by Row Experience’

18″ x 18″ block with license plate.

Betz’s Little Shoppe in Newman Grove is once again participating in this year’s summer Row by Row Experience.
Row by Row Experience started in New York and expanded five years ago when it was open to shoppes in all 50 states. Then Canada was added, as well as shoppes in Europe last summer.
Each shoppe must register and design an original row or block using the year’s theme. This year’s theme is, ‘Sew Musical.’
Customers can ask a participating shoppe for their free pattern or purchase a kit complete to make the design. To be eligible for a prize of 25 fat quarters, they must physically visit at least eight shoppes, construct a completed quilt and be the first person to take a Row quilt to their favorite shoppe.
The summer Experience started June 21 and patterns are free until Sept. 4. Most shoppes will still have pattern/kits available until Oct. 31. Deadline to present quilts to a shoppe is Oct. 31.
Unique license plates are also available at most shoppes. When you enter Betz’s Little Shoppe, notice the large quilted version of their design posted on the window. To fit the musical theme, the Shoppe used FA SEW LA and even put a Nebraska license plate in the block.
Betz’s Little Shoppe has been in the summer hop for four years.
Shoppers can go to Facebook and put in Nebraska Row by Row Experience to view all the shoppes, designs and license plates.
“This is such a unique hop,” said Betz Quincy, owner of Betz’s Little Shoppe. “It is so fun to have visitors from the area as well as travelers from many states collecting our block.”