County Clerk’s office considering move to all-mail precincts beginning in 2020

Recently, the Boone County Clerk’s Office has been considering a move to change three more county voting precincts to all-mail precincts beginning with the 2020 election year.
Under the plan, the North Manchester, Southeast Manchester and Southwest Manchester precincts would move to all-mail precincts.
The county already has six mail-only precincts, so this change would require only one process to be followed rather than having one process for mail-only and a separate process for polling places.
In addition, County Clerk Kathy Thorberg said the voter turnout is substantially higher with mail-only precincts.
With this change, Thorberg said, everyone would receive their ballot by mail and have the opportunity to vote when they wanted.
“The only responsibility the voter would have would be to return the ballot to our office before 8 p.m. on election night,” she said.
Thorberg said the ballot can be returned by mail, in person, or by depositing it in the courthouse drop box. Postage will be provided.

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