Weather causes more damage in area

WHEELS UP — Several center pivots in western Boone County were overturned by heavy winds during a storm Wednesday night, July 18. This pivot is located northwest of Petersburg.

Parts of Boone County received more heavy weather last week, with extreme winds and hail causing damage in areas west of Petersburg.
At least four center pivots were blown over west of Petersburg Wednesday night, July 18, near midnight, along a north-south line. The storm also caused hail damage and green snap in fields both north and south of Petersburg.
Apparent tornadic winds pulled the concrete center pad of a pivot out of the ground at the Steve Stokes farm northwest of Petersburg. All pivot towers were also overturned.
Crop damage also occurred from Primrose to Cedar Rapids, from Cedar Rapids to Highway 14, and southwest of St. Edward. Some hail damage was also reported west of Akron.
Some producers in the area have now experienced three to four hail/wind storms, and at least one farmer in eastern Boone County has had the same center pivot blown over twice.
Some areas near Primrose have seen more than 20 inches of rainfall since early May.
On the positive side, the abundant rainfall has improved the prospects for most dryland crops throughout the region.