State Auditor finds BCDA credit card misused

Board taking steps to improve internal controls

An 18-page report released July 30 by the Nebraska State Auditor’s office, indicates fraudulent use of a credit card belonging to the Boone County Development Agency (BCDA).
The report found some $27,431 in suspected fraudulent transactions were allegedly made by Mitchell Glesinger, the agency’s former office administrator, from Nov. 16, 2016 through May 17, 2018, when he was fired by the BCDA board.
Glesinger began his employment as BCDA office administrator in January of 2015. Among his duties were bookkeeping, tracking meeting minutes, handling bills and providing financial reports to the governing board.
Glesinger prepared a listing of credit card categories and amounts to be paid for the board’s approval at meetings, but the auditor cited several instances where the information on claims reports did not match the actual credit card statements.
Questionable credit card purchases were found after Glesinger’s employment with the agency was terminated in May of 2018.
Michelle Olson, the current BCDA executive director, began her duties with the agency in August of 2017.
Board Acted Quickly
Contacted by the Albion News on Thursday, Aug. 2, BCDA Board Chairman Brian Yosten issued the following statement:
“The BCDA Executive Director and board acted quickly and without hesitation as soon as the discrepancies were discovered. The decision was to contact the State Auditor for assistance. Moving forward, BCDA is working to implement new policies and procedures that will address the issues regarding internal control and compliance matters outlined in the state auditor’s letter.”
Summary of Transactions
The state auditor provided a summary of the following four areas where suspected fraudulent transactions took place during the time frame:
• Bitcoin purchases: 39 transactions totaling $10,314;
• Foreign transactions to purchase Chinese currency, 30 transactions totaling $3,090;
• Other personal expenses, 31 transactions totaling $1,467;
• Other reimbursements, 22 transactions totaling $12,561.
In its report, the State Auditor’s office stated there was no supporting documentation for many of the suspect credit card charges or reimbursement payments to Glesinger.
Sent to Attorney General
The State Auditor’s office has forwarded its report to the Nebraska Attorney General for further review and possible action “due to the seriousness of the issues addressed.”
The Attorney General’s office confirmed Thursday that it has received the report.