Boone Central, NG School Boards discuss co-op

Boone Central and Newman Grove school board members and administrators gathered for an amiable discussion of the two schools’ cooperative sports programs Tuesday night, Aug. 7, in Albion.
About 20 people attended the meeting, and no significant changes were made.
Good communication was emphasized by board members from both schools as a key to keeping the cooperative operating smoothly.
The sports co-op started in 2011 with junior high sports only and began including high school sports in the 2014-15 school year.
The current cooperative agreement extends through the 2020 school year.
Early in the meeting, Newman Grove Board President John Kruger stated: “Newman Grove has no intention of leaving the co-op agreement.”
All Varsity Games at Albion
In the past, several home varsity fall and winter events have been held at the Newman Grove gym each year.
For 2018-19, all home varsity events will be held at the Boone Central facilities, but there will still be some middle school/junior varsity events at Newman Grove.
Boone Central Superintendent Nicole Hardwick said factors considered in this decision were travel distances, whether or not it is a conference game, and whether the game is scheduled on a school night.
Mikal Shalikow, Newman Grove superintendent, noted that the last joint meeting between the two school boards was in June of 2017. He suggested the co-op subcommittees of the two schools could meet more often, possibly three times during the school year.

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