Boone Central starts with 628 students at all grade levels

Starting enrollment at Boone Central Public School increased this year to 628 total students in preschool through 12th grade.
This total is 30 students higher than last year’s total starting enrollment of 598 students.
Preschool was a growth area at Boone Central. A third section of preschool was added this year, and preschool enrollment increased by 13 from 59 students last year to 72 this year.
As of Aug. 23, there were 556 students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grades, which is an increase of 17 students from last year’s starting K-12 count of 539.
Elementary starting enrollment totaled 236 students in kindergarten through fifth grade, up two students from last year’s starting count of 234.
Middle school starting enrollment, sixth through eighth grades, was 117, which is the same as last year’s count.
High school starting enrollment for grades nine through 12 was 203 students, which is 15 higher than last year’s total of 188. A class of 57 freshmen started the school year, replacing last year’s graduating class of 41.
Class sizes are averaging 51 students in high school grades, 39 students in middle school grades, and 39 students per class in elementary (K-5).
Largest classes at Boone Central this year are the freshman class at 57, third grade at 53 and junior class at 50 students. Smallest classes are the second and sixth grades at 32 students each.
Preschool classes (three and four-year-olds) have 36 boys and 36 girls this year. The elementary grades include 113 boys and 123 girls. Middle school grades (6-8) have 62 boys and 55 girls. High school grades (9-12) have 97 boys and 106 girls.
The year-to-year comparisons of starting enrollments at Boone Central for last year and the current year are in the August 29 issue of the Albion News.