All County precincts to be by-mail in 2020

Starting with the 2020 election cycle, all of Boone County will be mail-only precinct voting. Earlier this month, the county’s mail-only application for the North Manchester, Southeast Manchester, and Southwest Manchester precincts was approved by the Election Division at the Secretary of State’s Office.
These are the county’s most populated precincts. For the Nov. 8, 2018 general election, those precincts will continue to vote in the Casey Building at the Boone County Fairgrounds.
The process changes to all-mail in 2020. The change requires only one process to be followed rather than having one process for mail-only and a separate process for polling places. In addition, County Clerk Kathy Thorberg said the voter turnout is substantially higher with mail-only precincts.
Ballots can be returned by mail, in person or by depositing in the courthouse drop box. Postage will be provided.
This approval will also require some follow-up reporting after the General election, including: statistical reports showing voter turnout by precinct, as compared to the last two election cycles; a financial statement with cost comparisons from the last two election cycles against the final cost of carrying out the mail only election; an analysis of voter outreach conducted prior to election; a post-election analysis from the county election commissioner/county clerk; as well as other possible requirements as communicated.