Boone County to get Statewide Radio System

Boone County Commissioners approved an agreement Monday for installation of the Nebraska Statewide Radio System, known as SRS, on the county’s new communication tower in the fairgrounds.
The agreement between the county and the State Office of the Chief Information Officer allows installation of all SRS equipment on the tower and shelter building, in addition to the existing county equipment.
The state and county will share maintenance and improvement costs, utilities and other services. Each party will insure its own equipment.
It was noted that Boone and Nance counties are moving toward a merger of 911 communications, and the timing is good for installation of the SRS. Nance County is already operating under the SRS.
Mike Jeffres, state public safety communications systems manager, was on hand for Monday’s discussion.
An addendum to the agreement specifies that the state will pay the cost of reprogramming local radios resulting from the frequency changes initiated by the state.
Commissioners noted there will be no cost to the county for installation of the SRS equipment.
They specified that necessary changes in electronic switches for emergency sirens in the county would also need be made at state expense.
Other items noted in the addendum to the SRS agreement were:
• The state will add the county generator at the tower to the state generator maintenance contract after assessment by the state contractor. The state will pay the cost of preventative maintenance under the state contract. Generator repairs will be split 50-50 by the state and county.
• Tower lighting repairs will be split 50-50 by the state and county.
• The state will pay the monthly electric bills for the tower and shelter building.
• The state will pay for any modifications that result from adding the state’s antennas and lines on the tower or equipment in the shelter.
• The state will pay the cost of modifying the county’s FCC license because of adding the state’s frequencies to the tower and use of the county’s frequency.