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Liquor Ordinance was discussed at village board meeting

Petersburg Village Board met Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. Petersburg’s Sunday Liquor Ordinance, sewer issue, Keep Nebraska Beautiful awards, camera footage at the tree pile and infrastructure were discussed.
Sunday Liquor Ordinance
The Petersburg Village Board has decided that the Sunday Liquor Ordinance needs some revisions.
The grocery store, which is recognized as a package liquor store, cannot under the current ordinance sell beer on Sunday. State statutes allow spirits to be sold only after 12 noon.
The local board can stipulate the time which beer and wine can be sold and the day.
Trustee Thieman said, “We have to realize that people have gatherings on Sundays. Those people will go out of town for their purchases.”
It was also questioned if it’s unfair that Knotty Pine can’t sell on Sunday without asking the board for permission to obtain a special license. It is also additional cost.
The provision that the Legion be the one place open on Sundays to sell alcohol appears to reflect the days when they were largely the ones funding the ball teams and more in Petersburg. It was asked if they still fund any teams. The Legion does not open until 3 p.m.
It’s not expected that Knotty Pine would be open on Sundays as a regular occurrence.
The new ordinance will not change time according to daylight saving or standard time.
A document will be drawn up and the board will invite the Legion to the October meeting for input.

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